Maple Craft Inc. are one of the largest distributors of Incense and Incense holders. We at Maple Craft Inc. carry a Huge range of Incenses from different Brands and carrying all flavors that you can choose from depending on your preferences. Incense mainly come into forms stick and cones. Maple Craft Inc. also carries varied Incense Holders, made of different shapes, sizes, colors and materials like wood and stone.

Wholesale incenses are sticks or cones that when burnt emit a fragrant smoke. These Incense are all hand rolled Masala based incense made by artisans in India. Incense sticks are full of rich flavor and aroma, perfect for creating a pleasant room environment, getting rid of the unwanted scents. Most of these Incense boxes contain 20 sticks and they come in a display of 12 boxes.

Incense holders are made of materials like wood and stone. These are of different shapes and sizes, mainly used for holding the Incense stick or Cones in order for them standing straight while they burn.

Maple Craft Inc. as wholesalers carry Brands like Satya, Garden Fresh, Juicy Jay, Ayurvedic and Golka, which are one of the leading manufacturers of Incenses. Maple Craft Inc. stocks all flavors manufactured by these Brands that you can choose from based on your preferences.


Wholesale Incense

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