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Maple Craft Inc. is a reputed brand that deals in smoking accessories, vaporizers, hookahs, bongs, glass pipes, bubblers, metal pipes, flags, novelty items . The quality of this renowned brand speaks for itself. It is a brand that resonates the principles of exceptional quality, vast product design availability and a sincere, honest dealing with our valuable customers.

Why should you choose us?
There are several reasons as to why we should be chosen over any other brand. As a brand, we try to diversify and increase our product catalogue by continuously adding new quality suppliers on a regular basis. We deal directly with the best manufacturers around the world. Doing so eliminates the need for the middlemen which ultimately increases our customer's share of profit. Thus, as a customer, s/he gets to reap the maximum benefits while dealing with us. We also try to innovate our product line. It is the result of our passion that we have been able to introduce our own product line to this industry. Our product line now boasts of items such as Toke Glass, H2O, Crown Glass, Spider Glass etc. We strive to attain maximum customer satisfaction and sustain them. We take stringent measures to ensure whether as a customer, s/he is satisfied with the end product or not. We price our products quite reasonably. A simple comparison of our prices with our competitors makes you aware of the difference. It is guaranteed that a further lower price is impossible to find. We take pride in providing customer satisfaction which involves round-the-clock service. At Maple Craft Inc. we work with our customers and give our best performance to guarantee their satisfaction.Trust us to provide you the best solution for all your smoking and vapor needs.

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Sugar Skull Flag
sugar skull flag

NiBO 11x Refined Premium Butane - Display of 12
nibo 11x refined premium butane - display of 12

NiBO 11x Refined Premium Butane
nibo 11x refined premium butane

Cricket Original Lighters Display of 50
cricket original lighters display of 50
SKU: LC-50