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14-19mm Male Glass Extender 4 inches
14-19mm male glass extender 4 inches

Short Description: a 14-19 mm male glass extender which can be used on either sides


We at Maple Craft Inc., are importers and distributors of a large variety of Water Pipes or even known as Bongs across Canada. We wholesale one of the finest bongs to improve your smoking experience. Water Pipes or even known as Water Bongs are one of the most popular way of smoking your favorite legal flowers and tobacco. Bongs usually vary in size, ranging from 5inches to 25 inches, having a joint size of either 14mm or 19mm and can either be male or female.

Glass Bongs or water pipes are pretty popular amongst the smoking fraternity and are also very popular as glass collectables. Glass is the most popular material used to build bongs as they provide a clean and pure taste as the glass does not affect the flavor of the smoke. Its widely used as you can easily monitor the resin buildup and are easy to clean as well. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to best suit your smoking preference. The most popular shapes are like the Straight Tube, Carburetor, Beaker shaped, round based, Multi Chamber and Percolator. Bongs come along with a down stem and the bowl piece which would be made either of metal, glass or plastic depending on the design. Maple Craft are wholesalers of a variety of Glass Water pipes, giving you a choice to choose from, to best suit your preference.