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Polyresin Smoking Pipes are becoming the most popular smoking pipes among Canadians. These handmade pipes are handcrafted by skilled artisans. Maple Craft Inc. is your trusted wholesaler and supplier of polyresin pipes. You can feel confident knowing you have a completely unique pipe that is specially made for you. If you are interested in buying polyresin pipes in bulk, look no further. Shop millions of handmade and custom smoking products from Canadian supplier, Maple Craft Inc..

We at Maple Craft, offer polyresin pipes online. You will find latest designs, multiple brands polyresin pipes in new materials, different sizes, and many new moulds. These polyresin come in unique styles, and cool designs like the boho, floral, animal, and many more. 

Buy wholesale pipes in bulk and buy wholesale polyresin pipes from Maple Craft, your pipe wholesale distributor in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, over live chat, or on the phone. We are here to serve you as your smoking products supplier in Canada. We got you covered from wholesale oil rigs to wholesale bongs and wholesale pipes and all other smoking accessories. We are your wholesale pipe distributor in Canada and your wholesale pipe supplier in Canada.

Wholesale polyresin pipes

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Happy Dinosaur Polyresin Pipe
happy dinosaur polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9033

Thunder God Polyresin Pipe
thunder god polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9037

Skull Head Polyresin Pipe
skull head polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9036

Rat Warrier Pickle Rick Polyresin Pipe
rat warrier pickle rick polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9032

The Zombie Polyresin Pipe
the zombie polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9029

R&M Eyez Wide Open Polyresin Pipe
r&m eyez wide open polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9027

Rasta Thinking Polyresin Pipe
rasta thinking polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9023

Bad Girl Polyresin Pipe
bad girl polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9022

Happy Rasta Polyresin Pipe
happy rasta polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9021

Mary Jane Polyresin Pipe
mary jane polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9019

Hot Boobs Girl Polyresin Pipe
hot boobs girl polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9016

Mushroom Toad Polyresin Pipe
mushroom toad polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9015

Cool Lion Polyresin Pipe
cool lion polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9003

Gold Skull Polyresin Pipe
gold skull polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9012

Forrest Spirit Polyresin Pipe
forrest spirit polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9011

Peace Skull Polyresin Pipe
peace skull polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9010

Cincode Mayo Polyresin Pipe
cincode mayo polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9009

Cincode Mayo Polyresin Pipe
cincode mayo polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9008

Ancient Wizard Polyresin Pipe
ancient wizard polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9004

Creepy Clown Polyresin Pipe
creepy clown polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9014

Bad Girl Polyresin Pipe
bad girl polyresin pipe
SKU: TP9001

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