silicone dab rigs

Dabbing constitutes to a process of pressing a piece of legal essential oil, concentrate or extract against a heated surface of oil rig pipe and inhaling the smoke. This method is an alternative for those who prefer a less harsh smoking experience, opting for a vapor based method.  Our wholesale silicone dab rigs are sure to blow you away. These cheap dab rigs wholesale priced are sure to blow you away even more with them being high-quality silicone dab rigs.

Silicone smoking products are of huge popularity today. Dab rigs are being switched to silicone because they are nearly indestructible, which means the glass pipes, down stems and other accessories to not need to be changed constantly. Silicone Dab rigs are also very easy to clean and are heat resistant, making them extremely suitable for dab sessions. Our wholesale silicone oil rigs are high-quality dab rigs wholesale priced that you must get for your shop.

Maple Craft Inc. as wholesalers deal with a major line of silicone products, stocking an outstanding variety of Silicone Dab Rigs. They come in different patterns, shapes and sizes, usually accompanied by a glass or titanium nail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Maple Craft. We will always put you first and you can contact us through our live chat, through email, and through the phone. We are always happy to clear up any questions so please contact us at your smoking accessories wholesale supplier.



Wholesale silicone dab rigs

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Assorted Graphical Silicone dab rig with Titanium Nail 6 Inches
assorted graphical silicone dab rig with titanium nail 6 inches
Made in Canada

Assorted Silicone Hexagon Bong with Quartz Banger
assorted silicone hexagon bong with quartz banger
Made in Canada

Assorted Silicone Bong with Glass Tire Percolator 5 Inches
assorted silicone bong with glass tire percolator 5 inches
Made in Canada

Silicone Dab gun with Titanium Dabber 8 inches
silicone dab gun with titanium dabber 8 inches
Made in Canada