sifter box

A sifter box helps one filter out all the fine particles. It can also serve to fulfill your cannabis needs with kief. Instead of grinding the bud, you would just shake the box and let the kief filter through into the bottom tray.At Maple Craft Inc., we aim to carry all your smoke shop needs and essentials so we can help you out in every way possible.Our Pollen Sifter Box is for storage of your legal herbs and pollen byproducts. Sifter box is made from high quality wood, mesh screen in between to help filter the pollen.

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Buddies Pollen Press Assorted Colours
buddies pollen press assorted colours
SKU: KY-400

Big Pollen Press Cylindrical Presser
big pollen press cylindrical presser
SKU: MP038

Sifter Box
sifter box

Assorted Shaker Pollen Sifter Box
assorted shaker pollen sifter box
SKU: HAS-001

Shaker Pollen Sifter Box
shaker pollen sifter box
SKU: HAS-002

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