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Maple Craft Inc. has a wide variety of recycler bongs that are beginning to become very popular and well-loved by the smoking community! These bongs have a two chambers system that provides an extra filtration process. Recyclers act as a splash guard so that water is prevented from getting into a person’s mouth. It provides smooth hits which is why its popularity is growing.

We have many recyclers bongs for you to choose, from the prestigious brand. Cannatonik has some of the best high-quality recyclers, many of them are clear, but some have colors along with combinations of other colors to keep their funky looks and unique shapes. As your Canadian bongs distributor, we can help serve all your needs. These recycler pipes can be used to smoke dry herbs and concentrates. Recycler rigs and recycler bongs can vary in style, but they all cycle the water and smoke a couple of instances earlier than the smoker inhales.

Our recycler bongs are made with high-class thick borosilicate glass that you can accept as true with to ship adequately and final for a long time. We are a wholesale supplier of different types of bongs and we have products available in bulk quantities and offer your choice at the lowest price.

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