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At Maple Craft, we also have plastic bags for your store. We aim to be helpful in every sector of your store with our affordable prices and variety of distinguishable products. Our products are of supreme quality that will make your life far more convenient, as you can buy the products you’re retailing as well as store supplies from us directly in one simple step. Buy wholesale plastic bags and buy wholesale store bags from Maple Craft today and ensure that you have all your wholesale shop neccessities.

We currently have one size which is the average size of a plastic bag size so you will need to look anywhere else!

If you have any questions about our store supplies and essential use products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to address all your questions and concerns, through our live chat, over the phone, or over email.

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Wholesale plastic bags

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White Carry Bag Size 8x5x16 Inches Box Of 3000
white carry bag size 8x5x16 inches box of 3000

White Carry Bag Size 11x7x21 Inches Box Of 1000
white carry bag size 11x7x21 inches box of 1000

White Carry Bag Size 10x6x20 Inches Box Of 2000
white carry bag size 10x6x20 inches box of 2000

White Carry Bag Size 12x7x23 Inches Box Of 2000
white carry bag size 12x7x23 inches box of 2000

White Carry Bag Size 9x6x18 Inches Box Of 1000
white carry bag size 9x6x18 inches box of 1000
SKU: #H2

Grey Carry Bag Size 11x7x20 Inches Box Of 1000
grey carry bag size 11x7x20 inches box of 1000

White Carry Bag Size 12x6x20 Inches Box Of 1000
white carry bag size 12x6x20 inches box of 1000
SKU: TBW-12-1000

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