Maple Craft carries lovely novelty items such as candle figurines, carved with the most beautiful detail, as well as chocolates that are made to look like cannabis buds. These products are some of our best sellers and you definitely want to get your hands on them before they run out! 

Our candles come in various different shapes which include the pot leaf, the owl, and a cat.

Our chocolates are from the brand Tasty Buds and come in a variety of flavours that include blueberry, raspberry, mint, and maple crunch. We sell these chocolates in displays that are a combination of multiple flavours. These can come in displays of 12, displays of 15, displays of 16, and displays of 18.

If you have any questions about our novelty products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to address all your questions and concerns, through our live chat, over the phone, or over email.

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