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hemp wicks

A hemp wick is environmentally friendly and has many more benefits compared to the use of a butane lighter. Hemp wicks are easy to use because of their flexibility which helps your customer easily put it into any desired form. Hemp wicks are natural products that are of a thing string from the hemp plant. The hemp spool is typically coated with honey in order to slow the burn rate, which makes it a great way to light a joint and a glass bowl. A hemp wick is easy to use, convenient, and portable, which is why people choose it over lighters. It has also been said that a hemp wick provides a smoother hit. Feel free to contact us with any of your questions and concerns regarding our hemp wick products! 

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Wholesale hemp wicks

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Raw Hemp Wick Spool 250ft
raw hemp wick spool 250ft
Made in Canada
SKU: RAW-250FT-6802

Raw Hemp Wick Spool 100ft
raw hemp wick spool 100ft
Made in Canada
SKU: RAW-100FT-0620

Raw Hemp Wick 10 Feet Box of 40
raw hemp wick 10 feet box of 40
Made in Canada
SKU: RAW10FT-0166

Raw Hemp Wick 20 Feet Box of 20
raw hemp wick 20 feet box of 20
Made in Canada
SKU: RAW20FT-0173

Afghan Hemp Wick 100 Ft. Per Roll
afghan hemp wick 100 ft. per roll
Made in Canada

Afghan Hemp Wick 250 ft.
afghan hemp wick 250 ft.
Made in Canada

Afghan Hemp Wick 20 Ft. Per Roll 24 Wick Rolls Per Box
afghan hemp wick 20 ft. per roll 24 wick rolls per box
Made in Canada

Afghan Hemp Wick 10 ft. Per Roll 24 wick rolls per box
afghan hemp wick 10 ft. per roll 24 wick rolls per box
Made in Canada

Randy's Hempwick 12.5ft Display of 20
randy's hempwick 12.5ft display of 20
Made in Canada

Randy's Hempwick 4Ft Display of 40
randy's hempwick 4ft display of 40
Made in Canada