About Us:

Operating since, 2007, Maple Craft Inc is a Calgary based leading distribution company catering to Head Shops and other Retailers across Canada. We pride in being Your One-Stop shop for all your Tabaco/Hemp/Smoking and Vapor needs.

We at Maple Craft Inc, carry a wide range of Superior Quality Smoking Accessories and Novelty Products including Tobacco, Waterpipes, Vaporizers, Grinders, Shisha, Flags, Blankets, Handmade glass pipes, Hemp products, Lighters and many more variety of smoking accessories. Our Brand resonates the principles of exceptional quality, wide range of Product Design availability and a Customer Focused entity.

Striving in business for a couple of years, Maple Craft Inc. introduced its Own Product Line labels to the industry. Cannatonik being one of the most popular brands till date strives to be a customer favorite. Followed by Toke Glass, Crown Glass, Spider Glass, Volcano Glass and H2O.  As a Brand, we try to diversify and increase our Product Catalogue by continuously adding new Quality Suppliers on a regular basis. Our reach is directly to the Manufacturers, eliminating middlemen and increasing Profits for our customers. The products we carry are highly competitively priced, being the Lowest Priced Guaranteed and shall Price Match or Beat any other competitors pricing.

Our Team believes in being highly Customer Driven, stressing on utmost level of Customer Service and procuring Quality Products. Customer Satisfaction is the key element of focus at Maple Craft Inc., endeavoring to meet expectations and standards. We lay emphasis on maintaining par stocks at our warehouse to avoid inconvenience for our customers and ensuring Shipments within 24 to 48 hours of the order being received.

Trust us to provide you the Best Solution for all your Smoking and Vaping needs.